Selected Works

BORDER BADLANDS (In Memory of ‘Little’ Adam, 1985 – 2006)

The tank – a scaly,
antediluvian beast,
decked for deceit –
lumbered into the
still night landscape:

Chinese ink and water,
tranquil, waiting,
stripped to essentials;
moonlit, misted, brushed
in ochre and black,
sky, stark at a stroke,
hanging there,
solid back of beast a mere
smudge on grassless terra firma:

turret, gun, infrared eye
seeking its crippled mate,
rumbling across deadlines
and hate, its four man crew
alert in Trojan silence
in the dark underbelly:

they said it could not be
entered through the side
(unlike cold steel piercing the
flank of one who died for love
in ancient Israel) – its head and tail
alone were vulnerable:

so through the tail
the rocket came
in no time at all,

no time to clear
the throat of fear
or lose hope,

no time at all
for the dispersal
of flesh to a different
configuration of atoms
that cannot be kissed,

no time to hurt even,

as if nothing human
had been, as if grief
did not exist.