Selected Works

ADLESTROP RE-VISITED (A homage to Edward Thomas)

And we three came to Adlestrop,
By chance,
And no-one turned away:

The birds were there of course,
Seen but not heard
On this bright, hot August day;

And scabious and willowherb
Dotted the verges of green, green
Oxfordshire and Gloucestershire.

I could not see,
Beyond the station way
And broken picket fence,

The grassy platform where
We’d stood,
Too many years ago,

My love and I,
Talking of you Thomas,
Of life’s sharp surprises,

We didn’t know
Could happen to us,

And thus by chance I came
To Adlestrop again,
And scanned the scene:

Corroded metal gates,
A worn-out ‘PRIVATE’ sign.
No sound, no-one in sight:

Climbing over, still I could not see
The grassy platform or the line for
Broken down old buses they’d parked there
Behind a high wire fence;

Of course I shed a tear,
Or three.

And in that tense and silent air,
No longer misty, Edward,
Two ghosts stood close to me
And I fancied God was near.

August 2003. (Revised 2018)