The Author

Maggie Goren

Born London, UK in 1937.  Educated in lean, war-torn, post war period at the City Of London School for Girls, Blackfriars. 

Studied hotel management in the early 50’s followed by a challenging and eventful summer of 1955 working as the cook at an International Student Farm Camp in Wisbech.

Across life Maggie worked mostly in the music industry in the UK and Australia before finally spending six years with the BBC in the TV News Division, first at Alexandra Palace and then TV Centre, working in the Newsroom, and finishing in the hot seat as a Producer’s Secretary. In 1970 she married an Israeli Engineer and emigrated to Israel with two sons from 1973 to 1977 when the family returned to the UK with four sons.  It was this period of life about which she wrote her book “Going Up, Going Down – the Aliyah of an Innocent” published in 2011.

For twenty-one years Maggie edited and produced a local country magazine ‘The Feldon News” on the condition that she would be able to include a monthly editorial  on any subject of her choice.  Some of these short pieces were combined to create another book “Monthly Letters from Middle England”.  They reflect not only the political times, 1980 – 2000 but also, with humour, life in the country with a growing family and various little adventures.

Apart from her love of gardening, cooking and being with the family, her spare time has always been taken up with music, reading and writing poetry.  At one point she belonged to three different choirs, one at a national level, and still loves singing.  

At sixty Maggie went to Oxford Brookes University to take a degree in Art History and graduated in 2002.  From that period she was writing exhibition catalogue essays for the amazing New York abstract painter, Jeffrey Kroll (

The author’s first book of poetry printed in 1990 was “Hunchback & Clown”. This was followed by a beautifully hand-crafted production of a book of her poetry to etchings by the wonderful artist and printmaker Michael Fell (For more information visit the Suffolk Artists website here) called “A Simple Easter” which included a CD of music by her composer son Dan, ‘cellist Beth Porter and actor friend, Sheila Probert, reading. This was followed by an illustrated book of poetry “Sighing Through Grasses” in 2011,  illustrated by friend Paul Eaton.  Her latest work is an illustrated  book of poetry for children “Pigeon in a Puddle” and she is currently working on an anthology of her poems “Wild Strawberries”.

Maggie’s personal observations and philosophical musings, having studied philosophy for ten years with Oxford’s Paul Beecham, follow their own road on the subjects that matter to her most;  the natural world, the nature of time and man’s humanity and inhumanity to his fellow beings.