Selected Works


Mind – it seems they want
to separate you
from the physical world
or bind you to it …
spirit or matter?

Our philosopher uses her cursor
with purpose and paradigm,
offering heady theorems
that flit about the room
like moths – iridescent, bright,
dull as ditchwater, all however,
searching for the light –
which has been switched off
to better view the screen.

Mind – they want you to expand
into a contracting universe …
or out of it.

Thoughtlessly I chew my pencil end,
glancing at fellow travellers
on this Oxford planet of
philosophical persuasion,
and a motley crew are we;
the earnest young, old codgers like me,
some with just a smattering
of English,
others waiting for tea.

The thought flaps happily through
my wayward consciousness,
in less than a minute’s mindlessness,
with The Lark Ascending
trilling sweetly in my head
while Hamlet seriously doubts
the point of living …

that genius, mindful as it may
or may not be,
is verily
out of this world.