Selected Works


(Australasian aborigines requested the sacred bones of their ancestors be returned from a depository in an English museum to their ancestral land, 2003)

the dreaming sees
all time as one
no time at all
dancing in circle
round blazing bush fire
air blown down wood
in circular breathing
intoning meaning
from you to me
to you unborn
to you in earth
from me
to you
no end
and no beginning

no need for more
than this

listen to the dawn when
great snake river gods
made sacred life from
water swim and crawl
on land on four on two
to fly and leap
from trees singing
in the wind sighing
through grasses
through sand and stone
in the land
where time began
begins again

for those reborn
for those who listen

man is co-existent
one in
body spirit
life death

in time in timelessness
being everything that was
and is

the dreaming